Við Ítrekum – EKKERT áfengi verður til sölu á staðnum, sér aðstaða verður fyrir þá sem taka með sér nesti.

Húsið opnar kl 10.00 á laugardag
Skráning lokar 10.00 á laugardag
Karlarnir byrja að keppa kl 12.00 laugardag
Konurnar byrja að keppa 16.00 laugardag
Á sunnudeginum er spilaður einn leikur í einu LIVE, byrjar klukkan 14.00 

Registration RIG / Skráning á RIG

Registration RIG / Skráning á RIG

First / Fornafn
Last / Eftirnafn
Compatition / Keppni *

Registration can be sent to including, name, country and phone number. 

Unfortunately no hotel and accommodation are in a walking distance, but we have the finest club in the nordic area ( we proudly assume ), and we love to host this event there.  
We suggest that you stay close to Reykjavik main area, then you can experience our wonderful city.
Bus-lines 15 and 5 ( ) are the once that stop close to the venue.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask 

Price money is equal for men and ladies, and same number of legs played.

We hope you join us at this big event in January